OUR FAVORITE FITS - September 2020

Here comes the cool down. With thicker blood, we busy ourselves with preparing for cozy times and thinking weather. And though it’s always a bit bittersweet to see the sun setting on summer, anyone who loves the flavors of layers is in for a treat. 

Playing with patterns, subdued hues and a mixture of texture is a morning muse for the day’s endeavors. Additionally, these first shipments of FW20 add some greater depth in drape while keeping to crisp and clean lines that correspond perfectly to the cooler climate. 

Fall - especially the first days after the snap in temp - are a playful time to rediscover old favorites tucked toward the back and to pick up a few select, new pieces to round out your wardrobe.

Here's our Favorite Fits for September...


Look One: Lhamo Shirt Mil from Visvim, Flannel Jacket from Beams Plus, 107 Ivy Denim from orSlow and Skagway Lo Canvas Shoes from Visvim.


Look Two: Down Cardigan from Nanamica , Amplus Hoodie PO from Visvim , Single Pleat Twill Pants from Beams Plus and Virgil Boots Folk from Visvim.


Look Three: Loiter Jacket from Engineered Garments , Free Edge Shirt from Visvim , 105 Standard Denim from orSlow and MIP-22 Shoes from Hender Scheme.


beams plus travel coat, engineered garments short collar shirt, visvim ict ss hakama pants and hender scheme fidmonk shoes on body

Look Four: Travel Coat from Beams Plus , Short Collar Shirt from Engineered Garments , ICT SS Hakama Pants from Visvim and Fidmonk Shoes from Hender Scheme.

How do you wear your September cool down?  

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