What a good-looking month! With the dog days of summer coming to a close, the days still feel strong and productive, but the nights have perfected their cool down refresh. Whatever the fruits of your labor, harvest season is just beginning and the air is full of honeyed flowers and the scent of sage. While some projects are wrapping up, new ideas are brewing like morning coffee and people are emerging looking more like themselves than ever (even if their smiles are covered by cool bandanas).

Some longer sleeves and fall tones are working their way back into the day’s dress, but we’re holding onto some of those softer summer hues and breathe-easy layers. Even the button-downs aren’t so buttoned-up. 

A nice mix of color, layers and relaxed swagger - here's our Favorite Fits for August...


barena torceo jacket, lady white t-shirt, orslow 107 ivy denim and hender scheme MIP-19 shoes on body

Look One: Torceo Jacket from Barena, T-Shirt from Lady White Co., 107 Ivy Denim 2 Year Wash from orSlow and MIP-19 Shoes from Hender Scheme.


Look Two: 50's Denim Jacket from orSlow, Waffle Knit Henley Shirt from RRL, Slim Fit Fatigue Pants from orSlow and Yuks Type 4 Chukkas from Yuketen.


Look Three: Wakouwa Parka from Anatomica, 41A Shirts DD Chambray from Big Yank, Easy Trouser from Rocky Mountain Featherbed and MIP-17 Shoes from Hender Scheme.


arpenteur reporter jacket, knickerbocker tube knit tee, engineered garments leisure pants and new balance M990GL5 shoes on body

Look Four: Plaid Breaker Jacket from Adsum, Sweat Shorts from orSlow, Scatter Dye Crew Socks from Anonymous Ism and Kaha GTX Boots from HOKA ONE ONE.

How do you wear your August layers? 

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