Welcome to October!

Right on cue, the leaves color and crisp, orchards fire up the cider presses, people start putting cinnamon in everything, and the trees bow their heads to the changing winds.

But the prevailing winds around here are sailing in heavy boxes of good style from the likes of Engineered Garments, Lady White, CdG, LVC, Beams Plus and many more. 

As much as we love summer, fall hosts the most of our favorite clothing and comfort comes in a mix of layered textures. In clear contrast to costume parties, there isn’t a finer time to dress up as yourself and get into the mood of the moment.

Here’s our Favorite Fits for October...


Lady White Co. Summer Cap and super weighted hoodie, pure blue japan sulfur dyed whipcord pants and visvim ute moc trainer hi-folk shoes on body

Look One: Summer Cap from Lady White Co., Super Weighted Hoodie from Lady White Co., Sulfur Dyed Whipcord Military Pants from Pure Blue Japan and Ute Moc Trainer Hi-Folk Shoes from Visvim.


Look Two: Fully Fashioned Knit Gauge 10 Wool Sweater from Comme des Garçons SHIRT, Yarn Dyed Cotton Poplin Hood Shirt from Comme des Garçons SHIRT, Ivy Flannel Trousers from Beams Plus and Asymmetric Ghillie Sneakers from Needles.


Look Three: Mohair Star Cardigan from Needles, "Grindle" Wash T-Shirt from Lady White Co., 1984 501 Jeans from LVC and MIP-18 Shoes from Hender Scheme.


engineered garments loiter jacket and neck tie, corridor nyc canoe club oxford shirt, beams plus single pleat twill pants and alden bluchers on body

Look Four: Loiter Jacket and Neck Tie from Engineered Garments, Canoe Club Oxford Shirt from Corridor, Single Pleat Twill Pants from Beams Plus and Bluchers from Alden.

How do you wear your October layers? 

#Tag us in your favorite fit on Instagram and show us your season of style.