ts(s) is classic American sportswear and workwear improved with Italian tailoring and Japanese styling. While many of today’s top menswear designers follow a similar theme, there’s a lot more going on with ts(s) clothing than just that.

For designer Takuji Suzuki, fabrics are the most fundamental aspect of the ts(s) brand. It’s a passion that results in 15-20 original and exclusive fabrics every season. These unique materials enhance the identity of the designs and make them compelling to see, touch, and wear. Additionally, Suzuki is uncompromising about pattern and color.

Takuji Suzuki and his brother Daiki Suzuki (Engineered Garments) have encouraged each other’s passion for clothing since grade school. Spending their youths seeking rare vintage workwear and military pieces, both have developed design styles of surprising depth and invention without crossing the line into trend or fashion art. Both designers have similar signatures to their work with interpretations of historic, utilitarian details combined with easy wearing cuts, and the highest quality fabrication. 

As noticeably different from other brands as Engineered Garments and ts(s) are, they still create collections of endlessly wearable, timeless clothing.