Nanamica, loosely translated to “The House of the Seven Seas,” is a Tokyo based outdoors-centric, casualwear brand that changed the game for how good performance gear can get and still look good.

An avid sailor and sporting enthusiast, Eiichiro Homma spent 18 years designing for The North Face. Though sportswear needs to meet the demands of the rigors of active life, Homma set out to add the emotional resonance of fashion without compromising performance. In 2003 he started Nanamica to pursue that vision and has dominated the conversation around performance driven garments as quality fashion ever since. Season after season, Nanamica produces some of the most versatile menswear collections in the world.

There are four key influences in the mix: Sportswear, military, workwear, and vintage (with those idiosyncratic details that are specific to the specialized modification of pre and early industrial design). Nanamica set the standard for combining cutting edge, teched-out fabrics and heavy duty construction with amazing details and timeless style -  innovations that have inspired a wave of stylish outdoor gear - proving that what works in harsh conditions can work just as confidently in the urban commute.

“One Ocean, All Lands.”