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Canoe Club was founded in 2017 by people who love clothes. We have decades of cumulative experience selling them, a deep appreciation for the people who make them and a true dedication to bringing our customers a human experience when shopping their style. Maybe most importantly though, clothing is what we think and talk about even when we aren’t at work. This is what we get excited about. We believe that style is both a personal approach to life and a connection to an expansive culture - a visual language that represents both simultaneously. 


We really want to encourage conversation with all of you. Where good things come from, how they’re worn, and where they go are important to us. Everything you see on this website has a story and we are here to tell it. Shopping can be difficult and even intimidating, but we want every aspect of it to be totally rewarding. The things we carry are as much art as they are functional clothing and we want to treat them as such - with the comfort and confidence of authentic representation. 


If you have a problem, let’s figure it out together. If you have a question, let’s talk it out and learn together. And if you just want to chat about clothes, we’d love to. This is a community of humans who honestly care, not just about clothing, but about you and your voice in the mix. We promise to do our best to bring you the best clothing, the best possible experience, and a human touch whenever possible. And if a promise doesn’t feel like enough these days, we’ll pinky swear to it…