Fall suiting is more relaxed - a loosely structured, comfortably easy core with as many or as few accessories as a man needs. More than ever, the brand collections this season have robust, character endorsing textures. When done thoughtfully, it can have a lot of personality. 

Though we’ve been busy posting lookbooks as new collections flood the shop, here’s a look at how some of the pieces can be styled together to make an outfit as finely tuned as the London Philharmonic.


ice how the different textures, fabrics of various sheens and fibers and patterns compliment each other. It’s easy to pull in something loud like this Engineered Garments’ paisley print shirt with the relaxed and subdued counter balance of their jersey knit jacket and pants combo. A relaxed drape creates a trim silhouette and serves to let the rest have some pop. 

Adding to that are Engineered Garments x New Balance matching sneakers that blend in perfectly, but have some bonus bounce.


HOMECORE’s wide wale corduroy jacket keeps everything neat with fluid lines that bring natural movement to the outfit and, when combined with a rich autumnal color, keeps it subtle and tight. Corridor’s Blackwatch Shirt ties together the color, tone, and texture differences between the jacket and EG’s cable knit tie. All the elements work together to draw the eye into the composition like a painting. 

Adding even more texture with wool trousers keeps it balanced and then you just need to settle on some footwear. You have plenty of options with this look. This setup would look just as sharp with some brogues, but styled here with FEIT’s Lugged Runners adds something warm that is natural and comfortable, but surprisingly modern and sporty.


Taking that same Engineered Garments knit jacket above, but in a marbled charcoal does the same thing that the Corridor shirt did in the last look - tying together the complementary tones and colors of the outfit. Additionally, the houndstooth pattern of the Andover Pants links the NB’s into the mix. 

Finishing it off is a great turtleneck as an alternative to a shirt and tie. And this one in particular changes the game with the brightness and depth of the polyester fabric.

There’s lots of ways to wear fall, but no matter how you do it, it’s time to flex your style strength and get creative.