While working a desk job in Washington, DC, Dan Snyder was often frustrated by the way his suits fit. Regularly having his clothing altered, Dan befriended his tailor who inspired him to borrow his aunt’s 1970s Kenmore sewing machine and start taking classes. Soon he was tailoring for himself and friends and selling his own clothes at pop-ups, relishing a growing relationship with quality fabrics. 

Think of Corridor’s story in threes. 

1. Dan Snyder works in the heart of the garment district in NYC, lives in Boston, and his family is down in DC. He calls the space in-between, the thoughtful roadways to his three homes, his “corridor,” and adopted the name for his growing brand of mid-century, mid-Atlantic styled shirts. But it’s about fit as much as style. 

2. The three elements of Corridor being fit, quality, and style. Using the highest quality Italian and Japanese fabrics, Snyder seeks out materials with texture and idiosyncratic elements, making clothing accessible and interesting with an always satisfying handfeel. 

3. Corridor’s signature 3-panel shirting is built with three panels on the back of each, providing extra movement without the pattern disruption of darts. Along with comfort, the 3-panel provides a more structured fit for men with broader chests and shoulders for classic yet engaging designs. 

There’s no gimmicks and no corners cut - just honest devotion to fabric and tailoring.

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