Face it, you have more than you can carry and mom isn’t leading you around any more with her bottomless magical purse. Whether you travel far for work or commute down the street, whether you’re shuttling kids and carrying their gear (and all the contingency plan stuff), or it’s just you and all the many things you need to conquer the day - you need a bag.

It’s pretty simple. A bag needs to have some organizational pockets, enough room for your specifics, durable construction, and bonus if it adds to your style and doesn’t look like you’re lugging along a bowling ball or some groceries. 

Many products try to blend style and function, but few get it right. 

It’s a fine balance that Porter knows all about.

Though they’ve been making bags for 80+ years, you may have never heard of them. Cult status and somewhat hard to find in the states, Porter is a household name in Japan where they’ve been studiously handcrafting bags of high-quality distinction since 1935. 

The 100% nylon construction and heavy duty hardware makes for bags and accessories that will last a lifetime. That’s great and all, but let’s be real, that’s not really enough. You have to carry this thing around. You might be dressed to the nines, but your bag has you looking like a schoolboy or a hockey playing hobo or a coffee shop novelist/philosopher.

Porter bags emphasize smart design with a clean aesthetic. Forget the nonsense - the essentials are all here. Everything you need has been worked out and adds to what you’re doing. 

It’s the last bag you’ll ever need, but you might want another...