Remi Relief specializes in processing - a dedication to textile development and a constant commitment to researching new technologies, methods, and pigments for the pursuit of the Ultimate Basic

And what would that be? How it looks is one thing, but getting it to feel just right is something more difficult to achieve. Developing any style into a feeling can take years - as anyone that has ever worn jeans already knows. Or, in the hands of Remi Relief, it takes study, technique and a lot of work.

With a backbone of long-staple cotton, most of the clothes are carefully hand-distressed and stone washed to the perfect weight and handfeel while also further developing the color so that gradations appear and bring out the tonal depth of the dye. 

Through the process, each piece becomes the softest and most authentically worn-in fabric that you can imagine.

It takes a lot of careful, hands-on commitment to take a piece from its initial construction to something with personality and Remi Relief are masters at pushing fabric to perfection. 

Add to that some of the finer details like the drawcord bottom hem of the Grunge Tee, the beaded zipper pull on the Special Finish Fleece Hoodies, or the tight wale corduroy on the pants and jacket for some extra aesthetic flavor to chew on.

Designed through natural movement, regular use and personal wear - the result is clothing that feels right immediately. 

For the amount of herculean efforts put into each look, Remi Relief clothing maintains a laid-back sense of self. Their Ultimate Basics are perfectly comfortable by design...

remi relief jersey grunge double neck long sleeve tee, stretched corduroy slacks and visvim attica trainer shoes on body