Our Favorite Basics Featuring orSlow chambray work shirt, orslow 107 ivy denim, lady white co t-shirts, anonymous ism socks, and new balance 990s

There are certain foundational pieces that every wardrobe needs, but there’s a sea of options out there. Whether you’re just starting out or still searching for those keystones, it can get tricky to cut through the marketing static.

There are many pieces that we love, but for our money, these are our favorites...

favorite tees are from lady white co

The mighty t-shirt is as common as coffee in the morning. Its versatility and modesty is so perfect that it’s rarely given proper consideration. 

And that’s why we’ve chosen Lady White

Lady White pulls out all the stops and elevates the simple tee into something that is anything but. Cut with sleeves that sit on your muscles and sitting an inch and a half below your natural waist - these tees are the harmonious balance between a modern and vintage fit and the quality of construction is matchless. 

We did a piece a little while back that compared and contrasted white tees here if you want to go a little deeper.

favorite chambray is the orslow work shirt

A chambray is as necessary in a man’s closet as a few secrets. They look good with anything, age well and wear hard. There’s a lot of great ones out there, but for our money, we choose orSlow’s Work Shirt.


Cut and construction. Triple needle stitching at the stress points, selvedge details, complimentary drape, two chest pockets, and a great shade of indigo to start fading.

favorite jeans are the orslow 107 ivy denim

Whatever your walk of life, it’s in jeans. Raw or washed, cuffed or hemmed - we’re all denimheads when it comes to our favorite pair. orSlow wins again with their 107 Ivy Denim.


The perfect compromise between modern and classic, they have no uncomfortable break-in period yet benefit from heavy use. There’s nothing aggressive on any front, just a detail rich, total package of a jean. (They were also the winner in our Denim Fits feature.)

Also, they come in raw or washed indigo, black and white. No matter the mood, you can pull on your favorite fit.

favorite socks are from anonymous ism

Not many of us will experience trench foot in our lives, but whether you’re hiking 30 miles a day or reading a book, wearing the right socks can mean all the difference between total comfort and constant irritation. Our favorites are Anonymous Ism.


The obsessive construction, fit, and quality makes these socks a pair you can trust to lead your feet and combine the perfect mix of wool for warmth and acrylic for sizing comfort. Plus, they come in an endless parade of patterns and colors. It’s all about the details. 

favorite sneakers are the new balance 990 series of shoes

Jeans on your legs and sneakers on your feet. Truly, there are a lot of great sneakers out there, but for us, we’ll always keep returning to New Balance’s 990 Series.


From Mid-Atlantic streetwear to dad shoe to fashion collaborations, 990s are just the most modestly exceptional comfort/track shoes out there. Great colorways, a bit of chunk and built tough. These are the people’s shoe and the only hype around these is grassroots.

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