Silk Noel Organic Waffle Farm Beanie Long - Ecru

$120.00 USD
By Cottle


Cottle products all have a rich back-story and we wanted to share that in their own words...

"Waffle cut and sewn with silk nep and organic cotton material. Nep's silk noil (silk spun silk) is not a material that is as glossy as raw silk, but the air content of short fibers is large, the product is lightly finished, and it has excellent heat retention and moisture absorption inherent in silk. It is a thread. The ribs are made of organic cotton grown in compliance with standards such as pesticides and fertilizers for over 3 years, and are called "Penny & OG Commer". Using high-quality yarn that gently wraps the baby's body with a 20% blend of shiny silk. The more you wash, the more fluffy and more fluffy the material becomes. The thickness of the fabric makes it easy to wear throughout the year."