IDG Patchwork NORA-DOT TIGER JUDDBHAN Shirt - Indigo

$918.00 USD
By Kapital


The Jubbahn shirt really has Kapital written all over it. A noragi style shirt in double indigo that looks great over a tee or layered under a jacket, which would be enough for us, but Kapital does what Kapital does best by distressing this piece the perfect amount to feel worn-in and then repairing it by hand using traditional Japanese techniques that make each piece unique. This shirt is full of character and has become a staple in the collection.

Fits true to size. Sized 2-S, 3-M, 4-L, 5-XL. Model is 5'9, 145lbs, wearing size 3.

  • 100% Cotton Denim 
  • Natural Dye
  • Hand Distressed
  • Hand Repaired
  • Noragi Style
  • Button Closure
  • Made in Japan