Trying On Everything From Beams Plus fw20

Beams - one of the world’s most influential culture brands in fields as diverse as music, art, streetwear and interior design - started Beams+ to focus on the American golden age of menswear - a period spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s - and adapting those styles with rich details and quality construction. In that way, the contemporary interpretations of timeless, American Trad style has modern punch and gravitas. Beams+ researches the process, construction and fabrication of vintage and then reinterprets the garments to wear better in our modern environment.

Under the current direction of Hideki Mizobata, Beams+ is entering its next chapter - expanding beyond Americana without losing that foundation, but incorporating techniques and details from many traditions. Additionally, Beams+ puts collaboration at the core of its philosophy - making it a magnet for young designers and fostering crisp, dynamic style.

Today, we are trying on everything from Beams Plus' latest collection. The models in this video are 6'2'' and 155lbs wearing Size M and 6'0'' and 175lbs wearing Size L In most items.

PIEces featured (In order of appearance):

Hooded CPO Reversible - Big Check
MIL Collar Knit Stripe  - Beige
Sweat Hoodie 2Tone - Oatmeal
Henley Neck Tee - Off White
Knit Polo Cable - Grey
Crew 9G - Navy
Turtle Neck Rib Stripe - Off White
MIL Open Collar - Sax
Patchwork-like Jacquard Crew - Brown/Red
Hooded Zip Blouson Reversible - Navy
BD Multi Pattern - Shaggy Check
Knit Polo Stripe 9G - Navy
Open Collar Stripe - Brown
Rugger Shirt Cotton Fleece - Yellow
Stretch Oxford Tattersall - Red
Stretch Oxford Tattersall - Sax
Stretch Oxford Tattersall - Yellow
Cricket Vest - Off White
Cardigan Double Jacquard - Brown
Alpaca Cardigan - Off White
Open Collar Dobby Ombre Check - Black
Crew Popcorn Pattern - Off White
Crew Popcorn Pattern - Olive
Travel Coat - Beige
Pocket Tee Jazz Nep Stripe - Grey
Button Knit Vest - Charcoal Grey
Button Knit Vest Argyle - Grey
Bird's Eye Button Knit Vest Argyle - Grey
3 Button Flannel Jacket - Grey
3 Button Flannel Jacket - Blackwatch
5 Pocket Corduroy - Light Grey
1 Pleat 80/3 Twill - Beige
Ivy Trousers Ankle-Cut Flannel - Grey
Ivy Trousers Ankle-Cut Flannel - Blackwatch
5 Pocket Corduroy - Olive