a white tee day with lady white co.

Lady White Co. pursued producing a perfect white tee and then sold it in a two pack. The package opens to the uniform for living: pre-washed and tube knitted to avoid shrinkage or expansion, sanforized and unbleached, and a double stitched collar all come together to create the superior foundation for the daily layers of life. Their fit is spot on, promoting the comfort of a humble tee to the cotton closest to the heart. Starting with the premium of what can be created in the US, maintaining the bold confidence of understated quality, Lady White’s slow and thoughtful process continues soldiering for the details of simplicity. Adding to their roster with collaborations from the finest Japanese mills and textile craftsmanship, their shirts relax with appreciation.

Inspired by American athletics and military undershirts, Lady White Co. pulls details from the past to create modern clothing with old soul. If anything more can be done for a tee, Lady White will do it.

“Our T-Shirt” from Lady White Co. is made from 100% USA cotton, sourced from North Carolina farms. This dry, white, mid weight 6 oz. jersey has a crisp hand that will break in after many washes. Designed to be the perfect t-shirt and elevating tees to quiet confidence in their daily-use modesty. They nailed it. Every detail has been considered with these. Pre-washed to avoid any shrinkage concerns and produced on circular knitting machines so they won't stretch out. Also, the fit is spot on. 

Here's a quick vibe video of having a white tee day.