Nanamica is the reason that outdoorswear has become popular with both active outdoorsmen and urban junglers. 

Designer Eiichiro Homma changed the game for how good performance gear can get and still look good.

In all of us is the resourcefulness and tough integrity to meet our merit under the twinkling stars. Though life’s adventures travel in different environments, being confidently prepared is a necessity.

As fabric technology advanced, incorporating a heavy hitter list of performance perfection fabrics, they were developed - first and foremost -  for function. Brands like Patagonia, Columbia, and The North Face were early adopters and are rightfully renowned for their gear. 

Using Polartec Fleece that is hydrophobic (absorbs less than 1% of water); Primaloft that stays warm when wet and is breathable, windproof, and ultralight; Cordura that is 100% waterproof, breathable, windproof, abrasion and fire resistant; Kodenshi Down that uses super sciency stuff to keep you dry and warm; GORE-TEX that is waterproof, windproof, and yet still somehow breathable; AlphaDry that uses the body’s heat to evaporate moisture; Dualwarmth cotton; and all the natural fibers that our pioneering ancestors counted on. These brands paved the way for accessible clothing of outdoor adventuring value.

But Eiichiro Homma saw even more.

After 18 years designing for The North Face, Homma set out to add emotional resonance to performance outdoors wear with brand new levels of style. 

In 2003 he started Nanamica to pursue that vision and has dominated the conversation around performance driven garments as quality fashion ever since. Season after season, Nanamica produces some of the most versatile menswear collections in the world, using cutting edge fabrication with an eye for what you’d actually want to wear.

Nanamica set the standard for combining cutting edge, teched-out fabrics and heavy duty construction with amazing details and timeless style -  innovations that have inspired a wave of stylish outdoor gear - proving that what works in harsh conditions can work just as well anywhere.

What looks good can also perform in any condition, at any time, in any environment.