Inside the Factory: Lady White Co.

Lady White is a perennial favorite around here for all the core pieces we need. No one designs a better tee and it all comes down to cotton and construction.

Using homegrown, California cotton is the first part of the equation, but the second half is finding the craftspeople capable of transforming quality material into the demanding specifications of designer Phil Proyce.

Recently, Lady White took some photos at the small factory they rely on in Burbank, CA where the factory’s owner has operated for 35 years with his family of employees.

lady white co factory photo tour

Using these specialty flat knit ribbing machines imported from Japan, Germany and Italy and guided by the skilled hands of veteran textile producers gives Lady White Co. the ability to create the highest quality product. 

Throughout this space, in the midst of massive ribbing machines, there are countless pictures taped to the walls. Personal touches that tell a story of a hard worker with a sense of humor and a passion for knitting. 

These images depict what it means to be a factory owner in the US in an ever struggling industry that continues to move its production overseas, but for the few that remain - producing quality with integrity continues to have demand and staying power.

lady white co factory photo tour
lady white co textile factory photo tour
lady white co textile factory photo tour

Photographs by Carlos Jaramillo