Needles is destination clothing, built for men that give special attention to their style - for men that are seeking subtlety in their statement pieces. There’s a directness in the design that keeps the clothing accessible, but with a boldness that is powerful and magnetic.

For Fall/Winter ‘19, Needles elevates 70’s inspired looks with a loose interpretation of some classic silhouettes. With an artist’s precision for cut and color - and extrasensory textures that are practically divine - there’s a relaxed luxury in every piece that emanates with clever confidence.

This stuff requires you to carry a wolfish grin around in your back pocket. It’s the polish of style’s satisfaction. It’s quite possibly woven from legends by Lost Boys.

Designer Keizo Shimuzu is a pioneer in men’s fashion. 

After graduating from the Bunka Fashion College and working for VAN, Shimizu got a job working at a menswear store which eventually led to opening Redwood in 1982, selling American casual clothing and footwear that sent him on buying trips throughout the US. In 1988, Shimizu launched Nepenthes to distribute unique and diverse brands from all over the world to a global community of style enthusiasts.  

When clothing manufacturing began leaving America in the 90’s and it became harder to get genuine products, Shimizu looked to his native Japanese manufacturing to start a house brand for Nepenthes

Further changes in the American fashion world had Shimizu and co-worker Daiki Suzuki discontented with what was being put out; they had a different vision. Suzuki would go on to form Engineered Garments and Shimizu created Nepenthes’ house brand Needles.

Needles is the journey of Shimizu’s passion. Connected to the best manufacturers throughout the Nepenthes’ empire of cool, Needles is a no-compromise view on what clothing can be at its best - both personal and as a place of connection. 

Blending and deconstructing western and military Americana, sportswear and standards, the rebellious spirit of Needles is pragmatic art. 

With a lifetime in the industry, Shimizu is still challenging fashion and guiding it along.