For Fall/Winter ‘19, Engineered Garments blends into your wardrobe and then takes it over.

Avid fans of EG will see some of their favorites return - comfortable Andover suiting, Bedford jackets, work shirts and flannels, and cold weather ready, style heavy vests - but by toning down on bold prints and patterns, this season shows how much flavor there can be in function.

The combination of fit for fall colors and comfortable tones, a depth of complimentary weights and textures, and utilitarian accents create a standout mix that isn’t boastful.

And that’s the genius of designer Daiki Suzuki. The core of Engineered Garments is military and workwear, and he uses these baseline standards to anchor what might otherwise become an eclectic, art movement moment. Instead, by understanding the role and limits of flair in everyday clothing - never crossing the line into costume - EG is both timeless and adaptable.

And as always, there’s an artistry of details and devotion to materials that blend - in a seemingly effortless way - into a signature EG look that is distinguished and compelling.

This is just the first delivery of a very strong collection from Engineered Garments this season.

There’s more to come...