This is the best high-mileage, everyday clothing we’ve seen in years.

Not reinvented, but reworked with fantastic fabrication, signature fits for sharp silhouettes, subtle finishing for enviable textures, and vintage details with old school men’s sportswear flavor.

Hungry for an ideal wardrobe, Designer David Obadia started Harmony in 2014 to pursue understated luxury - a strict, cold fashion discipline draped over warm movement. 

Starting with the youthful energy of streetwear label BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard) in 2010, Obadia created Harmony as a distinct new line from his previous work. There’s still a bit of streetwear in the mix, but it’s toned down. Beautiful and simple, but not simplistic.

His vision is straightforward, but with a thoughtful depth delivered in cut, quality, and details. He has described Harmony as “radically normal” - emphasizing day-to-day practicality - capturing sober confidence with sculptural balance.

Cut from noble and natural fabrics of European lineage, Harmony is sharp tailoring with crisp lines and muted hues for an effortless mix-and-match approach. Focusing on the product’s personal value, his work has matured into a broader vision of fashion. 

By removing the louder aspects of streetwear, he has created garments that demand less and know more - channeling an attitude of confident, cool nonchalance - hiding the art with an earned air of innate satisfaction and quiet declaration.

Whether you’re building on your foundational layer or missing a link in your layer game, it’s a great season to stock up on favorites made better than ever.