Yamato Indigo Leather Dye Kit

$115.00 USD
By Yamato


This is a unique kit for creating indigo dye leather items. The kit includes leather cuts for a wallet, tray, a set of coasters. Dye them or paint them with Yamato Indigo, and assemble with rivets. No sewing necessary. Easy steps are perfect for craft beginners. A great gift on its own or for making special indigo pieces for your friends and loved ones.

  • 10g of Yamato Indigo Dye
  • 1 x Natural leather wallet + rivets
  • 1 x Natural leather tray + rivets
  • 4 x Natural leather coasters
  • 2 x Key Chain 30% Vinegar 
  • Natural Leather Oil
  • A pair of latex gloves 
  • Instruction Sheet