SS 101xx Jacket - Damaged 1010

$1,075.00 USD
By Visvim


Born out of a desire to keep the denim feeling starchy and dry like when you first get a pair of shrink-to-fit denim, but still wanting the worn out look of a jacket that has been through multiple washes, the SS101 is a jacket that started out in a raw form and shrunk down to allow it to be processed and get the great washed out look. Then, through the careful art of heating the denim up, the makers are able to remove the oil and return the denim to feeling crispy and new. This balance of new and old creates a new version of the denim jacket that is exclusive to Visvim. Working from a Type II silhouette, the finished product is a perfect blend of the slimmer fit of a Type III trucker, but the look of the 50s Type II. If you are looking for the ultimate denim jacket, look no further for one of the most considered versions we have seen in the shop.

  • 100% Cotton Denim
  • Washed Out and Distressed
  • Removed Oil for a Stiff Hand
  • Two Button Closure Flap Pockets
  • Hand Painted Button Shanks
  • Deerskin Visvim Patch
  • Buttoning Side Chinches
  • Barrel Cuffs
  • Made in Japan
  • Damaged 1010