Selvedge Faded Light Denim Blouson

$402.00 USD $575.00
By Auralee


This denim is woven slowly on a shuttle loom using short-fiber nep yarn for the warp and high-quality suvin cotton for the weft. The warp is made of staple fibers to give it a fluffy, vintage look, while the weft is made of beautiful long fibers to give it an elegant fullness and soft texture. Repeated soaping, wrinkling, and bleaching processes all done by hand by skilled craftsmen produce a unique individual pattern with characteristic color fading.

Fits true to size. Model is 6'2, 150lbs, wearing size 3.

  • 100% Cotton Denim
  • Shuttle Loomed
  • Hand Washing and Distressing
  • Hand Stitched
  • Made in Japan