50's Denim Jacket - Two Year Wash

$475.00 USD
By orSlow


Based on the original 507xx Denim Jacket and made with a neppy Japanese denim to make it feel just like a true vintage piece. Packed with vintage details we know and love like a pleated front, double patch pockets, and side cinches. This jacket keeps the boxier fit of the original, but fits in the arms much better than the original to make it a very wearable classic. The denim has been meticulously washed to look like a well worn pair of jeans that will feel soft and comfortable from day one.

Fits true to size. Japanese to U.S. sizing is approximately as follows Size 1-S, 2-M, 3-L, 4-XL.

  • 100% Cotton Selvedge Denim
  • Brass Shanks
  • 2 Patch Pockets
  • Side Cinches
  • Shortened Cuff
  • Made in Japan

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