Trying On Everything From Cdg SHIRT fw20

When started in 1988, Comme des Garçons SHIRT showed a new side to Rei Kawakubo’s vision of fashion. Fun and colorful, SHIRT contrasted the dark, complex fashion proposed by mainline Comme des Garçons and Homme Plus while still challenging norms with vivid prints and patterns, deconstructed patchwork, and silhouettes that play with (and sometimes against) conventional patterning and materials. CdG SHIRT illustrates the seemingly limitless creativity that can be cultivated in the study of a single garment. Still a shirting dominated collection, SHIRT has since expanded to menswear staples generally, but Rei Kawakubo’s irreverent innovation - highlighted by simple, ready-to-wear classics - continues to challenge the status quo with her use of references, proportion and technique. For many, Comme des Garçons SHIRT is an accessible challenge and first step into a world of appreciating and understanding fashion as an artform.

Today, we are trying on everything from the latest collection of CdG SHIRT. The model in this video is 6'2'' and 155lbs wearing Size M.

PIEces featured (In order of appearance):

Fully Fashioned Knit Gauge 10 Wool Sweater - Navy
Workstitch Pant - Corduroy/Twill/Herringbone Patchwork
Dobby/Poplin Check Shirt - Blue Mix
Wool Tartan Check/Wool Nylon Poncho - Green
Yarn Dyed Cotton Poplin Hood Shirt - Stripe 1
Poplin Stripe/Houndstooth Wool Suiting Shirt - Stripe Mix
Stripe/Houndstooth Shirt - Stripe Mix
Turkish Tee #2 - Black
Turkish Tee #2 - White
Turkish Tee #1 - Black
Turkish Tee #1 - White