levi's vintage clothing spring/summer 2020 Try-On

Levi’s created their first pair of patented riveted 501’s in the 1890s, and has been responding to and defining American culture ever since. The Levi’s Vintage Clothing line is a celebration of our heritage, using stock photos and Levi’s extensive archives of over 20,000 rare and unique pieces to recreate articles of clothing that are as much a feeling and memory as they are function and timeless style. With a dedication to American production roots and construction, LVC is more than just a heritage brand, but our actual national heritage sewn into the fabrics that built our cities, settled the frontiers, and danced in the street.

In this video we try on the full line up from LVC's SS20 collection.

PIEces featured (In order of appearance):

1950s Sportswear Tee - Stratosphere
Flagshirt - Black/White Stripes
Block Sweatshirt - 1960s Casuals Stripe - Brown Multi
1960s Casuals Stripe - Brown Multi
1970s Hoodie - Blue/White
Shorthorn Shirt - Pink Multi
1960s Suede Trucker Jacket - Chocolate Brownie
1960s Casuals Stripe - Grey Multi
Bay Meadows Sweatshirt - Double Cream
Bay Meadows Sweatshirt - Apple Green
Bay Meadows Sweatshirt - Cotton Candy
1970s Cords - Apricot
630 Jeans - Swan Song
505 Colors - Pink Dust