Engineered Garments spring/summer 2020 Try-On

Engineered Garments is part of Japanese fashion kingmaker's Nepenthes label, and Daiki Suzuki is one of those rarest of menswear designers that has an authentic and deeply personal vision for style, yet he still maintains accessible appeal as he playfully blends details and fabrication. A lifelong vintage collector, Daiki takes inspiration from his archives of sportswear, workwear, and military standards and then meticulously alters designs by subtracting extraneous clutter and adding intriguing details. The result is engineered garments that are at once comfortably familiar and strikingly new.

There are so many details in each piece that you’d be hard pressed to appreciate them all individually, but that’s maybe besides the point; seen overall, you’ll intuitively feel their special genesis. The contemporary clothes from Engineered Garments are driven by enough passion to share around. The corresponding conversations between pattern, fabrication, and assembly stitches a vision of urban flair and workwear elements together with humble utility - a total delight of creativity without pretension.

In this video we are trying on everything from the Engineered Garments Spring 2020 collection.    

PIEces featured (In order of appearance):

Classic Shirt - Navy CL Solid
Camp Shirt - Light Blue Cotton Dobby Stripe
Classic Shirt - Red White Cotton Crepe Check
Short Collar Shirt - White Floral Foulard Print
Spread Collar Shirt - Blue White CP Seersucker Stripe
19th Century BD Shirt - Red Blue Green Big Madras Plaid
19th Century BD Shirt - Orange Green Navy Big Madras Plaid
Classic Shirt - Navy Green Cotton Crepe Check
Short Collar Shirt - Navy Floral Foulard Print
Spread Collar Shirt - Navy Cotton Floral Stripe Print
Work Shirt - Blue Recycled Chambray
Atlantic Parka - Blackwatch Nyco Cloth
Andover Jacket - Beige Orange Seersucker Alternate Stripe