Canoe Club x orSlow Painter Pants

Once upon a time, there was a magical pair of Painter Pants that united the land of Steadfast Utility with the metropolitan city-state of Looking Good. Comfortable in any situation (with a roomier top-block) and educated by the introspective wisdom of a tapered, modern slim fit from the knee down, these Painter Pants brokered peace between the people. Ready to help at a moment’s notice with a handy hammer loop and utility pockets, or to confidently attend a meeting with its beautiful Japanese thin wale corduroy, they made everyone relax and put brain and brawn in balance.

Then one day they mysteriously disappeared, folding themselves into the closet shelves of history.

After a couple of seasons, people began to ask, “where did they go? Would they ever return?”

So we turned to their creator orSlow and beseeched them to bring back the people’s champion of pants. Thankfully, everyone at orSlow is really nice and now here they are: The exclusive Canoe Club x orSlow Slim Fit Painter Pant in your choice of ecru colored thin wale corduroy or faded black cotton sateen.

All the bells and whistles of a vintage painter pant with an updated silhouette that looks good everywhere all year.

These are one of our all-time, favorite pants and they’re back by popular demand...

Available in Black Cotton and Ecru Corduroy. Both are a slim fit. The Model in this video is 6'0'' 175 lbs and wearing a size 3.