Whatever your feelings are about the military, no one can deny the selflessness of the men and women who are called upon, relied on, and commit their lives to the greater community.

In a world where honor and integrity are the tools of success, soldiers need to count on the few things they carry, none more so than the shirt on their back.

vintage army shirt feature

Army shirts symbolize something. For some, it’s to show solidarity and support of our Armed Forces; for others, it’s to protest against wars. For many, it’s the pride of family and the memories of them.

That olive green has a visceral connection - a color with stories that are family odysseys, passed down through each generation.

Army shirts have a long history and evolution, the most enduring being the Olive Drabs in a heavyweight cotton sateen that were standard issue from 1952 until their discontinuation in 1989.

And while style and color variations have adapted to the needs of the Armed Forces, all are iconic representations of strength and endurance, persevering through adversity. The US military built shirts that could be tasked with anything.

vintage army shirt feature
vintage army shirt feature

When soldiers returned to civilian life, they didn’t just hang up their shirts, they kept working, and as we all know; the work doesn’t end, we just build on the past as we pursue something greater.