Thinking Caps

The cinnamon air of fall reminds the maples that it’s time to color the hills and pave the trails. And as they slowly shed their layers in preparation for winter dormancy, we finally get to put our layers on. Suntanned arms glide into cozy sleeves. Unlike the trees, we’re just getting started.

The night air is good for the brain. It’s scientifically proven that it requires more energy to cool the body down than it is to heat it up, but you don’t have to do either in the fall - you can dress exactly right for the weather. That means that your thoughts are free to be as bright and clear as the air is cool.

Days may still be generously warm, but the nights descend into a deliciously brisk stroll. Check your head. Do you have your favorite hat to carry you through?

Other clothes echo with the day they’re worn, cast aside for their next travail, but your favorite hat; your favorite hat goes everywhere - nods in agreement to the day’s distance, tips to the night’s trick or treat.

You love your hat. Maybe you’ve never said it out loud, but it’s true.

What’s so special about it?
“That’s actually not a very good question. It’s my hat. It’s the home for my head.”

Cableami gets it.

Cableami’s name sums up both the quality and care they put into construction, as well as the relationship many of us have to our daily crowns. The name Cableami is a portmanteau combining the traditional “cable” pattern of Aran knits and the word “ami,” which carries two culturally cognate meanings. In Japanese, “ami” means “knit” and in French it translates to “friend” - the idea that individual elements, when woven together with careful consideration, form a stronger, more reliable bond.

Started in 2008 in Kobe, Japan, designers Shuji and Tomoka Sadamori have developed unique textiles to create fervent hats. Cableami makes hats worth breaking-in with your hard work, good times, and all the thinking done within them.

Like a good pair of boots, hats aren’t truly great until they’ve gained experience through the daily elements, traveled around, and waited bedside for the next tomorrow.

Keep your core warm and carry your head home...