Don't Be A Barney

Summer feelings get into your bones. You carry them with you all beach season like a cooler of constant refreshment. A smile turns the lips up and it’s not a forced politeness, but an authentic satiation.

Gold dances through the sky and the shade you make is for swimming through. You know this birdsong, and your invitation to whistle along has been posted like a paycheck.

levis vintage clothing lvc ss18

What if you could carry summer with you all year? Well… you totally can.

This spring’s LVC seasonal collection is seasonless - an endless summer of good vibrations. It’s as timeless as vacations and just as ready to be preserved in happy day snapshots as it is to be lived-in now and every other day that you want to feel good.

levis vintage clothing lvc ss18
levis vintage clothing lvc ss18
levis vintage clothing lvc ss18

Skin needs the buzz of riding on a sunbeam and it’s all about holding onto the memory hues and textures of those sublime times when even your steps rhyme. Endless summer is a transportable feeling, a contagious cure-all to welcome the warmth into your life-blood. Get into it. If the shirt fits...

Get rad.