A good dog has a heightened perception of how you feel and a way of simplifying the complications of triumph and tax. He’s always happy to see you, and together, you have an emotional shorthand.

pass it down feature kapital bandanas
pass it down feature kapital bandanas

Gently putting his head in your lap, your confidence in each other is absolute - a scratch behind his ears and you’re both lightened. Since the first wolves came to sleep next to our fires, we’ve evolved together to share. 

You know it’s going to get dirty when you tie your favorite bandana around his neck, but you don’t care. He looks handsome in it, and he’s proud to have something with your scent to parade around the park in. 

He’ll always be your best friend. You have an understanding together that predates language. There’s no judgement in his eyes, only deepest empathy - a part of the same pack. 

You run through puddles together and explore the forest and when you return home, happy and tired, you untie the bandana from around his neck and throw it in the wash. Then you sit together and absent-mindedly pull burrs from his fur while he licks his paws.

pass it down feature kapital bandanas

The following morning, when you’re getting ready for work and he’s got the saddest look of rejection on his face, you tuck the bandana into your pocket and reassure him that you’ll be back later to take him to the park. He’ll be by the door to greet you later, wagging his tail.