LVC FW'19 Lookbook

Style is symbolic. It takes a stance - aligns the individual to a culture, a lens through which to witness and identify with the world. As LVC looks back at the early 60’s for Fall/Winter ‘19, the vestments of that era’s counterculture have been revived from Levi’s archive. And with them, the lifestyle and hope of a generation is also spotlighted.

The music and poetry of the 60’s folk revival had a cultural influence that has continued to weave its way through our collective conscience. It was a progressive push against immoral classism and racism. A period of restless organizing and relentless optimism that marched the world in a new and noble direction.

It was Bob Dylan tracking down Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger to Greenwich Village, NYC and learning from the old guard how to champion human rights with a guitar and a voice. It was a time when Booker T and the MGs couldn’t sit together in the same restaurant and southern blues came to the north to teach what could no longer be ignored.

It was men and women, black and white, hand in hand, choosing to see past superficial differences and connect through a shared humanity and love of country.

The vibrant energy put toward peaceful protest spread coast to coast, created the words to express hope against greed and fear and sang anthems about the absolute rightness of equality. It’s a solemn, yet positive reminder of the long, hard work toward social reform that continues today.

These are the clothes of the people that dared to speak truth to power.

It can sometimes feel as though we’ve taken two steps back from the accomplishments of the civil rights era. But just “as the present now will later be past. The order is rapidly fadin’. And the first one now will later be last. For the times they are a-changin’.”