How To Clean Everything

If you’re reading this, then you’re the kind of person that chooses quality. You get dressed not to merely camouflage yourself into the work or to follow the hours back to the bed it began in.

No, you get dressed to drive the day into evening’s cool satisfaction - confidently striding to style’s drumbeat - the hours don’t just pass, they build on each other.

You’re the kind of person that appreciates the construction and long-wear signature that craftsmanship supports until the brand disappears and the patina is your personality.

What’s often missing from the conversation is how to properly maintain your cool. Absent from the care tag sewn into the seam is what detergent, softener, polish, or brush to use. Tide won’t Gain you Cheer if it just Febrezes the smell - the Method is All wrong.

tangent gc cleaning clothing feature

The grocery aisle is basically a selection of fragrance preference, but those chemically derived liquids and powders all clean the same way. Filled with phosphates (that hurt the environment), surfactants (suspected to cause cancer), and a wide array of abrasives (that scrub and tear at the fabric fibers like a farm mom circa 1900), commercial cleaning supplies are a harsh way to wear-out your clothes. The fade and signature of your clothes should be all yours - not the results from the violent shock of caustic chemistry.

Leave the washboards to bluegrass; there’s a better solution.

tangent gc cleaning clothing feature
tangent gc cleaning clothing feature
tangent gc cleaning clothing feature
tangent gc cleaning clothing feature

Tangent GC creates organic, ECO Certified products that not only clean, but also protect the fibers. The only thing left behind is a clean, crisp, and subtle fragrance of essential oil blends. The best way to keep your favorite clothes around is to maintain them and not to destroy their composition and color.

Tangent provides a superior range of garment care products that will effectively and naturally give your clothes a long life.

When you treat your clothes with care, they never get worn-out, they only get worn-in.