Picture this: You get up in the morning and dress for the day’s success, getting your clothes matched to your confidence and ready to swagger out to the streets like a rolling stone. You’ve got all the details delivered like an epauletted postmaster general.

You’re ready and set, and when it’s time to open the world’s door once again, you grab the gym bag you use to carry your laptop and work stuffs. You grip it in your hand, you dangle it at your side by its nylon straps, but there’s no way it’s going to become anything but a smelly old gym bag. Why is that technical fabric so neon? It’s not cool man.

Gym bags are great for going to the gym.

rrl leather bag

It used to be that a man could walk through life with just the contents of his pockets; those days are gone.

The laptop has changed men’s fashion forever, because now: You need a bag.

Life’s progress is wrapped in those secure walls. It serves its utility, but it can commend your character as well.

The pace of the world has changed, and in that stride, a scout’s preparedness is required to transition from city suiting to denim carousing. Computers are magazine-sized - connecting people to chosen culture with the touch of a screen and allowing untethered access to life. Just put it in the bag and get to where production and recreation raise a glass together.

You can go for pure utility, stick your work in an off-white canvas bag and head into town, but just like you don’t wake up on the weekend and put on a suit to buy grillables at the grocery, what’s appropriate at some times is not so fitting at others. There’s options out there to fit your life and style. You don’t have to settle.

It’s your choice.

rrl briefcase
rrl bag
rrl bag
rrl briefcase

When those guys at work see you with your new bag, jaws set against caring too much, they’re left with a jealousy so buried and misunderstood that they’re left feeling itchy and confused - unable to voice what it is and questioning why you seem genuinely more satisfied than they are. They’re going to call your bag a purse as they dig through their grade school backpacks looking for a single pen that will still write.

“It’s cool man. I’ve got you covered…”