It takes a lot of secret sauce to make minimalist design shine. It’s easy enough to turn heads with bright colors and bold graphics but, just as it is with people, the right kind of attention more often comes from quality and character.

Mixing in some statement pieces that present the louder elements of personality are a joy to have on hand, but for everyday living - having some high mileage, streamlined and stripped down go-tos is a must for every man.

Minimalist style doesn’t mean simple. And for a brand like Harmony that means cutting out the static and highlighting fabrication, cut and construction.

You get a good idea of it from pictures, but it’s worth a bit of a breakdown since there’s a lot going on to get that fit and feel that is characteristic of Harmony clothing.

The Maximus Coat uses a luxury Italian cotton done in a gorgeous weave. It’s subtle patterning is balanced with super clean lines and simple details like a hidden placket and slash pockets.

The Wade Sweater is an extremely comfortable approach to a sunday smart sweater with a raglan sleeve and rib knit cuffs and bottom that allow easy movement while keeping perfectly in place. Made from lightweight cotton, it breathes easy while providing a lot of texture and tonal play.

The Patrizio Trousers are as clean as they come and cut in the perfect balance between slim and straight - doubling for casual or formal outfits as the day may bring. 

harmony paris victor jacket, paolo trousers, caleb shirt, beams plus knit tie and hender scheme slouchy shoes on body

Depending on the lighting, it can be hard to pick out the tight, navy pinstripe on this navy cloth and gives the Victor Jacket and Paolo Trousers a depth of color and texture more than your average contrasting stripe. It’s soft refinements like that that make Harmony clothing so good. Add to that the cut of the blazer and the elasticated waistband of the trousers and there’s some extra comfort and modernity to this timeless look.

And then the Caleb Shirt brightens it up. A simple button down, the Caleb is made from a super fine cotton that keeps a pressed look and breathes great for when the dancing starts.

The Sevan Sweatshirt has a nod to Harmony designer David Obadia's streetwear roots. A hand tie-dyed crewneck without going too 60’s, the fit works great on anyone with a double v style that keeps it feeling classic. Finished with very light distressing, it has a perfectly worn-in touch from day one.

Even their simplest looking pieces like sweatshirts and shorts have a strong undercurrent of consideration. The Sany Sweatshirts use a unique, reverse weave that gives them an enviable softness and a satiny finish. These need to be worn to be believed.

The Pavel Shorts (pictured in the last two looks) have a trouser silhouette with the comfort and coolness of shorts while magically keeping it clean.

All presence without any pretense - Harmony clothing keeps it clean and highlights the man...