BY Dean Hilario

It’s hard to believe that FrizmWORKS has been around for over 13 years, but for much of its tenure, the brand has only been available in South Korea where it originated. Founder An Jong Hyuk, who also goes by Jay, started the brand in his college days in his hometown of Anyang. Since its inception in 2010, FrizmWORKS has steadily grown season after season. What once was South Korea’s best-kept secret, is now ready to take on North America, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce it.

According to Jong Hyuk, FrizmWORKS designs are based on military and American-casual influences. And before anyone says “It’s just another one of those brands,” one glance at any of their looks will show something much more than that. While others in this space try to recreate military or vintage garments down to the last stitch, FrizmWORKS takes that same thoroughness to look for details they can change or flip in their own way. If you love little details as much as we do, you will absolutely love this brand.

frizmworks carpenter pants, IPFU track jacket, and round cardigan on body

This Spring Summer 2023 delivery is based on the theme of “Concentration.” Jong Hyuk goes on to say “We want to convey comfortable and natural silhouettes,” and that really shows itself in this excellent collection. It’s often difficult to picture what “relaxed” clothes look like, but the brand’s ability to portray that is almost second to none. Their looks always come with a sense of ease, regardless of how meticulous and detailed their pieces are. Wearability is another pillar on which the brand prides itself, and FrizmWORKS can fit into any wardrobe, without compromising their perspective on what they want to do. Instead of getting lost and muddled by trying to appease everyone, every piece is dialed in on its vision, making everything cohesive to the rest of its archive while still having the ability to stand on its own.

Part of what excites us so much about bringing them in is how they complement the roster of brands we’ve cultivated over the years. Founder An Jong Hyuk is often seen in a pair of Visvim Skagways. They fit right next to the likes of Visvim, OrSlow, and Engineered Garments. As we mentioned earlier on, the way FrizmWORKS interprets vintage and military references is unique and different from what you would come to expect. Even though it shares similarities with the aforementioned labels, we value their point of view and we’re excited to add more brands from South Korea. With all of that in mind, it makes it easy for us to say that you’ll make room for it in your closet, regardless of your entry point into our shop.

frizmworks mil pants and balmacaan half jacket on body

The brand has a clear affinity for outerwear, and this is evident in the pieces showcased. In fact, Jong Hyuk has said that jackets are his favorite item to design, and this passion more than shines through. The outerwear in this collection truly stands out, showcasing the brand's ability to expertly combine familiarity and novelty in its designs.

Take the Heritage Hunting Jacket as an example, it’s one of the pieces we are most excited about. It takes the unmistakable corduroy collar and plaid lining from a hunting jacket, and it marries that with elements from an MK3 flight jacket, like the zipper and button placement, slanted side pockets, and sleeve cuff fasteners. All these details are tied together by a wide and cropped silhouette, giving it that FrizmWORKS signature relaxed and weighted fit.

The Solar Twill Balmacaan Half Jacket is the perfect warm-weather version of its full-length counterpart. It keeps all the details of a classic Balmacaan coat, such as the collar, raglan sleeves, and back vent, and it’s repacked into a silhouette featuring relaxed arms and a much shorter length. To top it all off, the solar twill fabric makes it a great layering option even in the warmer months. It’s the sort of piece that you won’t have to think about too much, and it speaks to that wearability that the brand aspires to have.

frizmworks parka and fatigue pants on body
frizmworks parka and fatigue pants on body

Of course, the rest of the collection is just as strong from top to bottom. From knitwear to the shirting, the brand’s “100% Satisfaction” slogan is unmistakable in every piece. And we’d be remiss not to mention the excellent range of pants from this delivery. The Chino Wide Fatigue pants are made using a vintage chino cotton fabric and are designed with everyday wear in mind. Perhaps the pant that best represents the brand is the CN Ripstop Mi Pants, and we say that reluctantly because we can easily make a case for all the others. Taking on parachute pants and flipping them with cargo pockets is just another example of the brand’s expertise in reimagining heritage pieces. All the pants also have that unmistakable ease that FrizmWORKS is so familiar with.

Ultimately, what sets FrizmWORKS apart is its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Jong Hyuk has said that he wants to make products that have good quality, reasonable prices, and cool designs, and it's clear that he takes this goal seriously. Each piece is designed to last, both in terms of fabrication and outlasting trends within the fast-paced fashion industry. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the brand does all this while being accessible and inexpensive. And it does so without cutting corners in its design and execution.

frizmworks fatigue pants and heritage hunting jacket on body

In our never-ending quest of trying to uncover the latest and greatest brands in the world, we’re happy to provide a home here for FrizmWORKS. From the fabrics to the design to the ethos, every aspect of the brand is carefully considered, resulting in clothing that is both wearable and functional. So if you’ve been looking for something new, we’re confident there’s something here for you.