Diemme: From Montebelluna With Love

The Italian Alps cast their shade across the area of Montebelluna, Italy. Revering those high slopes from the foothills, the inhabitants of the region have never been intimidated by the awesome power of the snowy peaks, but instead developed an industry to embrace and enjoy the fierce climb. Though winds howl and cold penetrates, the rewards for brave endurance are remarkable. The most important and practical tool for any mountaineer is footwear, and the world looks to Montebelluna.

after 25+ years building to mastery, Diemme creates shoes for the daily climb...

Where the Venetian plain hits the mountains and bunches up like a carpet is the cradle of alpine shoe craftsmanship - a constellation of 28 surrounding towns and villages all dedicated to footwear. One of the first known shoemaking collectives was established there, all the way back in 1278.

In 1868, businessman Rupert Edward Cecil Lee Guinness, second Earl of Iveagh (yes, part of that Guinness clan) owned land in the area and recognized that a lot of the historic industry had hit a depression. Many poor, but skilled shoemakers needed work. Putting up the seed money to start SCARPA (an area association of footwear manufacturers) he helped to connect their specialty work with the power of the emerging Machine Age.

By 1872 there were 55 shoe shops in the area. At the start of the 20th century, there were 200; and by the end of the 1970s, there were 12,000 people employed in more than 500 footwear-related companies. More than half of the world’s mountaineering boots are now built in Montebelluna as well as 75% of the world’s ski boots. A heritage network, from tanneries to hardware producers, lasts carvers to R&D design heads, Montebelluna hosts a pride of generational skill dedicated to footwear. Even the machines that make the machines are made there.

For a large part of their lives, brothers Dennis and Maico Signor worked within this established network, continuing the innovation and craftsmanship traditions of the highest quality shoes and boots in the world.

In 1992, the brothers were ready to complete their education by starting a company of their own, Diemme. Their first pairs focused on high performance - intended for hiking, hunting, and mountain climbing. Now, after 25+ years building to mastery, Diemme creates shoes for the daily climb. Designing a refined urban aesthetic on top of that original performance foundation has Diemme fans walking around in style so tight that laces seem redundant.

“Higher material quality, better production and construction quality, made by workers that are rewarded for their skills.”

Diemme is Montebelluna craftsmanship at its finest.