Explore Canoe Club's curated collections perfect for this year's gifting season. Items handpicked by every member of the team, you'll be sure to find something for anybody.


FrizmWORKS Smock Hooded Parka - Olive Green, Twill Work Tool Pants - Mocha, Dr. Martens 1461 Heritage Tan - Phoenix on body

"I love to curate cozy spaces! Whether through warm scents, interesting textures, or visually inspiring magazines, here are a few of my favorite home goods that make any room special."


FrizmWORKS Vincent M1965 Fishtail Parka 004 - Gray, Round Pocket Sweat Cardigan - Gray, Backsatin Royal Navy Combat Pants - Steel Gray, New Balance 990v6 - Black/White on body

"First and foremost it has to be cool. Whether its the color, the fabric or the features itself, my condition for a good shirt is that is has a modicum of uniqueness to it. Clothing choices are situational, so I picked shirts that work for a plethora of activities. The Wythe and Needles flannels are perfect for casual wear in the colder seasons, the Kapital pieces, Walrus Crewneck and that Rugby Knit are best for making statements. Whatever the situation calls for, there's something here for it."

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FrizmWORKS Karakoram Down Parka 005 - Orange, Heavy Wool Round Cardigan - Cream, Parachute Cargo Pants - Dark Olive, Dr. Martens Church - Jersey Cow Print on body

"There is no better option for the bottom half of a kit than green pants, period. I am consistently reaching for any of my various green pants for nearly every single kit, and end up kicking myself all day when I try to deviate from the plan. I pulled slim fits, wide fits, and everything in between with a mix of fabrics and washes. It's become a meme at this point within the Canoe Club world, but truthfully every kit would look better with green pants."


"What goes into a good outerwear piece? Some would say the functionality, others would say the ability to style it with other layers, or simply if it's warm. It's probably a mix of all three. But not all things are created equal, so here's a list of pieces that I think check off all those boxes."


"Personally, when considering new footwear, comfort and functionality are top of mind for me. That's why you’ll tend to find me wearing shoes like the New Balance 990V6 and Hoka U Clifton LS. While comfort is essential, so is having footwear to elevate your wardrobe. Whether wearing fatigues or a suit, Dr. Marten's Adrian Snaffle and Visvim's Abarth Moc-Folk do a great job by adding an elevated look. Lastly, every footwear rotation needs those classic silhouettes. Needles Clog Sandals and CDG's Chuck Taylors emphasize refined styles that have withstood the test of time."


"We all have our go-to “basics” that we cannot live without—quality, reliable pieces that sit at the core of a wardrobe’s rotation. Whether it’s a Grindle Tee from Lady White Co, a Scottish wool sweater from Howlin’, or your lucky Kapital bandana, Canoe Club has you covered! All of these items offer a level of refined simplicity that will complement and add versatility to your existing looks. A tried-and-true example: orSlow 105s paired with a Wythe Oxford button-down. These two classic, vintage inspired styles can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If it’s pure comfort that you seek, throw on the full Essentials sweatsuit combo with luxuriously cozy socks from Anonymousism, and you’ll never want to leave the couch again!"


"Accessories make everything better. I believe no outfit is complete without the help of a few essential items. Whether it’s the iconic smiley socks from Kapital, a veg tanned leather wallet from Hender Scheme, or beautiful frames from Shady Character, these staples will elevate your style and complete your outfit."


"From a pop of color to a staple gradient, these sweaters offer a warm hug to anyone who wears them. Whether it’s a chat about tomatoes, or the brisk state of the morning, these sweaters are a vessel for conversation and coziness. You can throw them on for a nice occasion, paired with some fatigues and loafers. Or with your favorite relaxed jeans and some sneakers for a grocery run. Whether you go with an earthy Twinsun Rollneck from Story MFG piece or the classic Evening Polo from Our Legacy, these knitwear pieces you keep you cozy and feeling your coolest this winter."


"Choosing a scent for someone can be difficult as it is an often very personal choice, but it can also be a great gift to open new doors for someone. With a wide array of different style scents, I wanted to choose a selection of things that would be easy to gift to someone just getting into fragrance, but also make choices that the most seasoned palette would respect."

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