All about sassafras clothing

We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our store – the eclectic and evasive Japanese brand, Sassafras. Sassafras captured our interest with its unique blend of functionality, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. It’s a brand we’ve long wanted to bring in, and we couldn’t be happier to finally do so. 

These days, fashion discourse brims with the same terms and tropes. In workwear specifically, we obsess over terms like “function” and “utility”, which usually means pockets, hardware, and all the other minutiae we come to appreciate in clothing. At a glance, Sassafras shares those sensibilities like the rest of our offerings. However, take a closer look, and there’s an intentionality and ideology behind Sassafras that differentiates it from the rest.

At its core, Sassafras is made for gardening. Yes, you read that right, gardening. The brand’s founder Takashi Takagi is an avid gardener and has used gardening as his north star since he started Sassafras in 2004. The name “Sassafras” is derived from a species of trees, but believe it or not, the brand itself is based on a fictional character named Steve Gossard, a professional gardener who owns a gardening shop, and also designs and manufactures his own line of clothing. 

When asked what important things he considers when he designs clothes, he says they need to be “functional, comfortable, and heavy duty - with big pockets.” These ideals are not necessarily new, or different, but Takashi’s obsession with gardening allows an entirely different interpretation of silhouettes and styles that we often see.  

We here at the shop often romanticize putting the person before the garment, and Sassafras resonates with us so much because the brand sets out to cater to the person who is wearing it. Instead of doing  1:1 reproductions of vintage workwear or military pieces, Sassafras will take those references and optimize them with gardening in mind. See, there’s a different level of intentionality when it comes to designing clothes like it’s problem-solving. And that comes through with every piece from Sassafras. Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t wear them unless you garden (we’re famously not all gardeners over here), but this pragmatic approach is gratifying and refreshing. Sassafras’ allure also comes from its mystique. 

When was the last time you looked up a brand on Instagram and drew blanks? In the age where information is typically right at our fingertips, Sassafras has remained secluded from spaces we would often expect them to occupy. But what’s even more impressive, is that even with their lack of online presence, Sassafras has garnered a following all over the world.

frizmworks mil pants and balmacaan half jacket on body

We always find it hard to pick favorites, but there’s no better Sassafras piece to single out than the Overgrown Fatigue Jacket, especially if you’re new to the brand. There will never be a shortage of fatigue jackets, but the Sassafras ethos is deeply embedded into this piece. The quintessential silhouette receives reinforced fabric in heavy-wearing areas like the elbows, chest, and hand pockets. And yes, those are pockets doubled up, each with hidden snaps, ensuring you’ll never run out of storage. The number of pockets may seem ostentatious, but this jacket is meant to carry every tool you can imagine. Sassafras is no slouch when it comes to fabrics, dressing this jacket in a luxurious olive nine-wale corduroy that will wear better after every use. 

Speaking of fabrics, we love the Melton Wool set from them this season. In recent times, wool has been most often used in what we like to call “soft clothes,” and while both the Sprayer Jacket and Overgrown Pants are incredibly soft to the touch, they can be worn just as hard as their corduroy and cotton counterparts. Both pieces are still designed with comfort and versatility in mind. The Sprayer Coat has a generous fit to accommodate any activity you throw at it, and the Overgrown Pants have details like high side pockets, and tucked knees to keep up with a lot of movement.

The Heavy Flannel Gardening at Night Shirt is also another great example of Sassafras’ expert ability to communicate their point of view. Who knew we needed inset pockets on shirts? We almost kind of wished all shirts came with them. It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you had it. Look, just trust us on this one. The fabric here also shines, it’s simple and striking at the same time, and it has all the looks of a classic flannel we all know and love. 

We can’t talk bout Sassafras without mentioning the West Point Fall Leaf Sprayer Pants, a staple in the brand’s range. It comes in the shop-favorite olive colorway, with a beautiful fabric with just the right amount of sheen. You can’t miss the pockets on this one, but we love how the storage doesn’t compromise the silhouette.  If you’ve been looking for fatigue pants with extra storage, this is the pant for you. Besides, we know you’re here for fatigues.

While Sassafras is pretty forthright with its affinity for gardening, it’s easy to see how the brand’s sensibilities carry over into any other hobby or lifestyle you might be pursuing. With its broad range of fabrics and silhouettes, it’s a truly versatile brand we are eager to introduce and carry here at Canoe Club. So whether you’re planting seeds in the garden, or just meandering around town, we’re confident you’ll look great doing it in Sassafras.