Creating clothing in that grey area between casual and formal, EG accomplishes the difficult task of making things that dress up or down easily. Versatile styling and detail rich, there are few brands that can pull off what EG does with finesse.

We’re perpetually excited to see what Engineered Garments is going to release every season. There are always some new things in the mix - special pieces that stand out and make statements - but the backbone of every collection is a core of EG originals in new colors, fabrics and patterns. Each one is the gold standard for its type.

This feature is part of a series that highlights Engineered Garments' signature pieces...

Claighton Jacket

engineered garments claighton jacket on body
engineered garments claighton jacket on body

Claighton Jacket in OD Cotton Ripstop and Dark Navy "Gangster Stripe" Cotton/Nylon.


Roomy silhouette and a bit boxy.


Falls to the hip. A somewhat shorter cut that is reminiscent of vintage sporting jackets.


Two inset side pockets that are angled for comfortable access.


Seams are placed in a relaxed, low shoulder position for easy movement.


Lightweight and easy pairing, the Claighton Jacket is everything you need when the wind whips up or the sun goes down. Stream-lined and simple at first glance, Engineered Garments has still managed to pack in the details without overdoing this classic driving jacket. Slash pockets at the perfect angle to rest your hands; a dual way zipper and side cinches for styling options; pointed button closure cuffs; a hidden wind strip like you’d find in a flight jacket; and a throat latch for a bit of a workwear spin - this jacket has more than meets the eye. Even with all that, the fit is the main detail here and makes it an all-around, easy go-to.


Perfect with jeans and a tee. Keep it simple and let the silhouette speak for itself.

engineered garments claighton jacket
engineered garments claighton jacket
engineered garments claighton jacket
engineered garments claighton jacket