Yashiki Fall/Winter 2019 collection Walk-through

Canoe Club walks-through the FW19 Yashiki collection.

Founded in 2014, Yashiki is a brand that is focused on creating garments that tell stories through quality and careful construction. Brilliant Autumn colors atop hand-knit garments that have the traditional Japanese elements to make for the perfect introduction to the US. Yashiki is one of the newest and most exciting brands introduced to the Canoe Club seasonal collection. Overall, the elements of tradition, quality, and story-telling all represent what The Canoe Club stands for.

PIEces featured:

Minori Hanten Knit - Ocher
Minori Hanten Knit - Black
Tasukigake Knit - Olive
Yukitsuri Knit - Orange
Arare Knit - Mustard
Komogake Cardigan - Orange