Trying On Everything From The Visvim Indigo Camping Trading Post "Find Your Happiness" Capsule Collection

Visvim is the art of clever combination without overdesign. Hiroki Nakamura was a designer for Burton Snowboards for eight years before starting Visvim in 2000. Visvim is globally known for the iconic FBT mocassin shoe that combines a modern interpretation of Native American style uppers on top of a sneaker outsole. Well received by the growing workwear movement as well as street style icons, the design combination gained it quick cult-classic status. Nakamura has continued to play with the spirit and nostalgia of vintage Americana with that same hybrid of design principles: Fusing cutting edge technology and street aesthetics with archaic craftsmanship and a passion that is authentically his. His heart is fully in his work. He wants to create “things with power,” pieces that are “really strong from the inside” - clothing with resonance. Visvim doesn’t make reproductions or copies of the past; they create future vintage.

Starting with footwear, Visvim later expanded into a full apparel line, actively pursuing context, relevance, and timelessness. Visvim’s use of premium materials and artisanal production is a projection of the integrity and purpose imbued in each piece’s final use.

This is never before seen construction and fabrics. For example, Visvim uses a crimson dye that had nearly disappeared, a dye that dates to the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures and is derived from the cactus eating cochineal insect. He built his denim from the yarn up, taking it apart to understand and reinvent it, taking all different types of slubs to make uneven cloth with vintage heart. The depth of the details amazes, but even at a glance, Visvim has a signature that stands out.

The mix of traditional styles and production techniques with modern technology and fashion is an uncompromising methodology that “look(s) back in order to progress.”

This special capsule is a rare opportunity offered at only one other independent shop in the US and made in extremely limited quantities and sizes - this is one of those collector moments to nab something uncommonly cool.

The models in this video are 6'0'' and 175lbs wearing Size XL In most items and 5'10'' 165lbs wearing size L in most items.

The Indigo Camping Trading Post "Find Your Happiness" Capsule is a short-run of pieces that are special even by Visvim standards...

PIEces featured (In order of appearance):

I.C.T. Jumbo Tee Crash - White
I.C.T. Jumbo Tee Crash  - Green
I.C.T. Jumbo Tee Crash - Indigo
I.C.T. Jumbo Sweat LS Crash - Green
I.C.T. Jumbo Sweat LS Crash - Grey
I.C.T. Jumbo Sweat LS Crash - Indigo
I.C.T. Kerchief Down Jacket - Red
I.C.T. Kerchief Down Jacket - Yellow
I.C.T. Kerchief Down Jacket - Blue
I.C.T. Grand River LS - Crash Brown
I.C.T. Grand River LS - Crash Beige
I.C.T. Grand River LS - Crash Indigo
I.C.T. Free Edge Shirt - Dark Indigo
I.C.T. Tunic PO - White
I.C.T. Hakama Pants - Unwashed
I.C.T. Jumbo Eiger Sanction Shorts - Light Grey
I.C.T. Excelsior Cap (N.D.) - Green
I.C.T. Excelsior Cap (N.D.) - Purple
I.C.T. Excelsior Cap (N.D.) - Beige
I.C.T. Skagway Hi G. Patten - Olive