Trying On Everything From Howlin' fw20

With flashes of color and pattern, Howlin’ knitwear is the perfect blend of modern artistic creativity and traditional craftsmanship. Timeless, playful products individually manufactured and hand finished by traditionally schooled craftsmen in Scotland, Ireland, and Belgium using the highest quality yarn anywhere. 

Brothers Jan and Patrick Olyslager were raised in the knitwear business. Parent company Morrison has been in production since 1981 and the sons launched Howlin’ in 2009. Their cleverly named pieces come from the soundtrack to their life and are a warm core for the long, thoughtful nights spinning records and watching films.

Northwestern Belgium, Scotland, and Ireland all have centuries of experience with knitwear and it is through that generational mastery and where those gentle, cloud-like sheep are best nourished on the calm, cool, and fertile marshlands that wool production is at its finest - a lineage of wool and knits as gratifying as pulling on a sweater.

Today, we are trying on everything from the latest collection by Howlin'. The model in this video is 6'2'' and 155lbs wearing Size L.

PIEces featured (In order of appearance):

Birth Of The Cool - Galaxy
Birth Of The Cool  - Astro Dream
Birth Of The Cool - Shroom
Strange Grave - Rainbow
Call Me Mr. Love - Stripes
Bud For Joy - Beige
Knitted Memories - Navy
Alone In The Swimming Pool - Grey
Magic Work Shirt - Beige
Magic Work Pants - Beige