Out and about with orslow

Modern society moves fast. Time is money. Except, of course, in the places where time holds out for quality. In Japan, a Shokunin isn’t just a master of their craft, but the term also encompasses the attempt to achieve perfection while appreciating the human individuality that gives the character of that craftsmanship. It’s a way of life and a social consciousness. The glory is in that heartstrong pursuit, and the results are orSlow. 

Ichiro Nakatsu, Founder and Creative Director of orSlow, takes inspiration and makes exacting tribute from his extensive vintage collection. Denim and military wear crafted with slow consideration on old machines that replicate heritage fortitude. Amazingly, orSlow is able to capture authenticity with their washes, remarkable in their comfort and personality from day one and still aging venerably. These standards of workwear are ardently detailed for adaptable style with the cool of movement and the confidence of character.

Here's a quick vibe video with some of our favorite orSlow pieces.