Beams Plus spring/summer 2020 Try-On

Beams - one of the world’s most influential culture brands in fields as diverse as music, art, streetwear and interior design - started Beams+ to focus on the American golden age of menswear - a period spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s - and adapting those styles with rich details and quality construction. In that way, the contemporary interpretations of timeless, American Trad style has modern punch and gravitas. Beams+ researches the process, construction and fabrication of vintage and then reinterprets the garments to wear better in our modern environment.

Under the current direction of Hideki Mizobata, Beams+ is entering its next chapter - expanding beyond Americana without losing that foundation, but incorporating techniques and details from many traditions. Additionally, Beams+ puts collaboration at the core of its philosophy - making it a magnet for young designers and fostering crisp, dynamic style.

In this video we are trying on everything from our Spring/Summer 2020 collection of Beams Plus.

The model in this video is 6'0'' and 175lbs wearing Size XL In most items.

PIEces featured (In order of appearance):

Rib Crew Border - Blue
Rib Crew Border  - Grey
Pocket Tee Jacquard Border - Orange
Pocket Tee 18/- - Multi Border - Sax
Henley Neck Tee - Navy
Henley Neck Tee - Olive
Button Down Oxford Fade Check - Sax
Short Sleeve Italian Collar Stripe - Olive/Navy
Pique Polo 40/2 Border - Navy
Knit Polo Stripe - Navy
Knit Polo Stripe - Olive
3 Button Shirt Jacket Indigo Yarn - Blackwatch
3 Button Shirt Jacket Glen Check - Charcoal
Sweat Pullover Hoodie - 2-Tone Light Weight Jersey - White/Navy
Sweat Pullover Hoodie - 2-Tone Light Weight Jersey - Red/White
Reversible Hooded Zip Blouson Print Geometric - Yellow
Reversible Hooded Zip Blouson Print Geometric - Charcoal