Beams Plus takes the Golden Age of menswear and gives it modern punch. There’s nothing esoteric or conceptually abstract about their design philosophy. They take all of the enduring classics and tweak them for the modern man.

Beams plus 3 button shirt jacket, beams plus gym pants, destin triple scarf and new balance shoes on body

Fit and fabrication have changed for the better over the decades, but there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Old-school classics and seasoned craftsmanship never gets tired. Add to that a world’s eye view of techniques and details from many traditions and what you get is Beams+.

beams plus 3 button shirt jacket, beams plus cricket vest, beams plus ivy shorts and hender scheme code tip shoes on body

Though there’s a treasure trove of deep-diving details; this is accessible, daily gear for any guy with a classic sense of style. Because what we want from our wardrobe hasn't changed either - fit, function, price and versatile style. 

These are crisp classics that aren’t too fussy or constricting - like a cool breeze strolling through a warm park on the weekend or like a confident, reasonable voice amongst TP hoarders.

beams plus 4 button jacket, beams plus sweat pullover, harmony paris paolo trousers and alden bluchers on body

Beams+ isn’t loud or flamboyant, it’s more thoughtful than that. When it opens its mouth, it has something smart to say...

beams plus mil tropical jacket, beams plus stripe cardigan, harmony paris paolo trousers and alden penny loafers on body