AURALEE - Elevating Elegance to new heights

BY Dean Hilario

Welcome to AURALEE, a world where simplicity and elegance are at the forefront. The brand has managed to captivate the fashion world with its sophisticated yet simple designs. Each garment tells a story of timeless elegance and invites you to explore every detail and fabric choice. If you thought simplicity was boring, AURALEE will change your mind.

frizmworks carpenter pants, IPFU track jacket, and round cardigan on body

Created in 2015 by designer Ryota Iwai, AURALEE’s name comes from an old American folk song and translates to "The Land That Lights Up." According to its founder, he envisions the clothes to be worn in the morning light, making the name all the more fitting. Iwai began his fashion career at NORIKOIKE, learning about textiles and patterns from the ground up. This experience became a cornerstone for his work and for the brand at large.

Iwai time and again has emphasized the importance of fabrics for the brand. Each material is carefully developed, which is evident in each garment they offer. Their website has an extensive list of articles for their raw materials, fabrics, and processes too. Even a standard material like wool is thoughtfully considered to stack up to the rest of their excellent range of fabrics. They’ve been building relationships with most of their fabric partners since the very first season of the brand’s inception.

frizmworks mil pants and balmacaan half jacket on body

The fabrications stand out on pieces like the Finx Natural Garbadine Product Dyed Blouson, the Cotton Mole Melton Hand Sewn Blouson, and the Super High Gauge Cotton Knit Cardigan. We have been impressed with every piece that has come through from this delivery, whether it’s the precise drape of a shirt, or the impeccable craftsmanship on each piece down to the last stitch, every element has been meticulously done with intention.  By stripping away unnecessary embellishments, AURALEE creates clothing that allows the wearer's personality to shine through effortlessly.

 That same unrelenting commitment to fabric is also seen in the brand's craftsmanship. This devotion to quality extends to every stage of production, with AURALEE’s skilled artisans employing traditional techniques to create garments of exceptional quality. There’s a unique feeling of luxury that comes with their clothes. Oftentimes, luxury comes with careful delicateness. That can be a detriment as it can create hesitation in wearing your clothes. But with Iwai’s dedication to making pieces that are wearable, AURALEE achieves that luxury without these pieces feeling too delicate to wear.

The brand's popularity has steadily grown since its inception, attracting a global following of fans who appreciate the brand's refined aesthetics and craftsmanship. Despite this growing popularity, AURALEE remains relatively unknown to many. We’re thrilled to have a home for them here at the shop. Even with all the advanced fabrication that the brand offers, AURALEE remains versatile and approachable.

frizmworks parka and fatigue pants on body
frizmworks parka and fatigue pants on body

Wherever you fall in the personal style spectrum, we believe AURALEE is a brand that deserves your attention. In a saturated fashion landscape that has been relying on hype, and exclusivity to turn clothing pieces into broadcasting moments on social media, they’ve set themselves apart with their conscientious approach to design. AURALEE is redefining the idea of luxury with each collection, proving that elegance doesn’t always need to shout to be heard.

If you're looking to elevate your wardrobe with timeless pieces that will transcend trends, look no further than AURALEE. Embrace the elegance, immerse yourself in their amazing world of fabrics, and discover a brand that celebrates the beauty of simplicity.