All ABout Eastlogue

Positioned alongside esteemed brands such as FrizmWORKS and DOCUMENT, Eastlogue stands as a beacon at the forefront of a burgeoning movement in independent menswear hailing from the Republic of Korea. With an innovative approach that breathes new life into heritage-inspired designs, Eastlogue is swiftly garnering global attention.  

Established in 2011 by Dongki Lee, Eastlogue is renowned for its contemporary reimagining of classic military, workwear, and outdoor styles. The brand's mission is to infuse these timeless styles with fresh narratives, updating them to resonate with modern audiences while preserving the timeless values of quality craftsmanship and understated style that is often associated with clothing from the past. 

Eastlogue achieves this by employing contemporary, technical fabrics and spacious, relaxed cuts, complemented by meticulous attention to detail that rivals even the standards set by Japan. By carrying out all of their manufacturing entirely in Korea, the brand ensures rigorous oversight of the entire production process, thus guaranteeing the quality of their products meets the exacting standards the brand has defined itself by. 

Our debut collection from Dongki and his team places a strong emphasis on outerwear, showcasing one of the brand's most compelling categories. While some silhouettes - like the fireman jacket or the trucker jacket - may be instantly recognizable, a closer examination of these products reveals that Eastlogue is forging a unique account in reimagining these classic pieces.

Starting with a classic piece from their collection, the Eastlogue Pilot Liner jacket is a military-style liner shape cut from durable nylon fabric. Eastlogue’s take has undergone a unique uneven dye treatment, creating an almost camouflage-like pattern. The jacket is finished with piped seams and zip pockets on the front and sleeve. Designed to be worn under another layer, the military liner has proven itself in recent years as a standalone jacket, largely thanks to its functional feel and comfortable shape. 

Another standout piece from the collection is the Eastlogue MK-3 jacket, available in soft and supple beige goatskin leather. Inspired by the British RAF cold weather flying jacket, it boasts a boxy cut with an asymmetrical fastening. Despite its overall clean aesthetic, however, the jacket conceals practical details such as a hidden zipper pocket and throat latch on the collar. This style offers a much more wearable alternative to a traditional leather jacket.  

The MK-3 jacket is also available in a lightweight and technical polyester fabric in jet black, providing a sportier interpretation that remains closer to the original inspiration. Technical fabrics extend to other outerwear styles as well. For instance: the Eastlogue C-1 jacket utilizes a cotton and nylon blend fabric, resulting in a naturally crinkled appearance. Featuring a multitude of patchwork pockets with raw edge detailing, this piece offers both functionality and style.

Meanwhile, the Eastlogue Fireman jacket, inspired by vintage fire rescue jackets, is updated with lightweight polyamide fabric while retaining the classic metal hook and clasp fastening the style is known for. Complemented by additional buttons on the placket, the jacket is finished with a collar that can be stood and buttoned up. 

Turning to natural fibres, the Eastlogue Battle Dress jacket offers a lightweight, double-pocket blouson style that is cut from pure linen - making it the perfect lightweight summer jacket. It’s adorned with a subtle check overlay and features side cinches on the waist to customise the fit.  

For something more recognizable, the Eastlogue T-Back Trucker jacket offers a classic Type II denim style jacket; crafted from natural denim, it’s overdyed in a rich dusty orange colour that will fade and wear beautifully over time. Additionally, there's a Western-style trucker jacket in the collection, complete with a stylised yoke and side cinches. This piece is cut from overdyed olive bull denim. The colour choices mean both will pair exceptionally well with your favourite indigo, ecru and black denim.

The Eastlogue Magazine Pouch shirt is also cut from 100% cotton, offering a super lightweight button-through overlayer that is decorated with several pockets on each sleeve and a salmon and green overcheck - perfect for the spring and summer months.  

Other cut-and-sew pieces in the collection include two long-sleeve pocket t-shirts in a patchwork stripe pattern, while a heavier alternative comes in the form of the Eastlogue Destroyed CPO shirt. This heavyweight piece has been hand-bleached and distressed, giving it a vintage look and feel. It’s complete with a unique inset chest pocket detail.  

Our collection would be incomplete without some military-style trousers, of course. The Eastlogue M-35 pants blend elements from denim jeans, featuring exposed rivets on the pockets, while maintaining the classic fatigue trouser aesthetic, distinguished by a unique front pocket design. Crafted from olive overdyed denim, they offer a soft yet sturdy feel. In addition, the Royal Pant presents a classic cargo-style trouser, complete with knee pockets. Its contemporary and deconstructed feel is achieved through raw edge seams, and its summer-ready fabric is a breathable blend of cotton and linen.

In summary, Eastlogue presents a unique and distinct take on iconic styles, inviting you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new ways of pairing these pieces with your existing wardrobe. From innovative reinterpretations of classic garments to versatile options crafted from modern materials, Eastlogue offers something both familiar and refreshingly new. We can’t wait to see how you style these pieces.