When Thoreau simplified his life down to his basic needs, freeing himself from civilization, he still brought his library with him to Walden Pond while also creating another book to pass along - the food for his thoughts.

Densely packed in the pages are the intellectual lives of individuals - the varying disciplines of experience - delivering thoughts for the next generation to build from. It’s emotional travel - being led into the wilderness naked and reemerging in a fine suit - all the details that make up a character.

ametora book and jazz greats phaidon book
stack of books featuring the details by josh sims, lightning clutch silver jewelry and vintage cars, toyo ito, an archive of menswear by douglas gunn and roy luckett, and fashion plus music by katie baron

They’re a place without borders, the hard climb of investigation into the lifted clouds of imagination. It’s as healthy of an exercise as eating right - planting thoughts along the way and seeing what everbearing conversations will feed and satisfy.

home goods and the book recipe from an italian butcher published by phaidon

We like to put our hearts on our sleeves at Canoe Club.  The conversation builds from our individual interests and combines with our mutual respect - all the big and little stories that creates the culture that we’ve chosen.

Together, we’ve assembled a small collection of some of the inspirations we’ve experienced during those quiet moments of loud thoughts, when the pages spoke and the eyes listened - some of the fine points that we’re excited to share.